The Power of Podcasting + Using Your Voice As Your Biggest Revenue Driver

Podcasting is one of the most powerful platforms to share your voice, connect with your audience, and story-tell in your own, captivating way.
It’s allowed my clients and I to cultivate community, share uncensored thoughts, and grow our businesses; it’s also amplified our confidence, made our voices stronger, and impacted thousands of listeners. It is my absolute FAVORITE platform!

Join Chelsea for a Potent Jam Packed Talk at Kelp where we’ll cover:

  • Creating a strategic podcast
  • Content planning to align with (and sell!) your offers
  • Monetizing in non-traditional ways and pitching sponsors (even with a small audience)
  • Getting your audience involved and community building
  • Why podcasting is making waves and seeing more investment $, and how you can break into the space

Bio about Chelsea:
Chelsea Riffe is a Podcast Coach & Host, helping creatives, coaches and entrepreneurs launch, grow and monetize their podcasts. She hosts the top-rated podcast “In My Non-Expert Opinion”, covering the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, the fun and chaos of travel, internet culture and money, honey.  
Chelsea is an Aquarius Sun and Virgo Moon/Rising who loves vulgar rap music, nature documentaries, mysticism, reality TV (more specifically, Below Deck), travel, podcasts, chocolate, and learning about the mind, body, spirit, and scammers.
Connect with Chelsea below, and if you’re interested in launching your own podcast, enroll in Mic Drop, The Ultimate Podcast Launch Course, kicking off October 10th!-– @chelseariffe on IG- 1:1 Podcast Coaching– Mic Drop, The Ultimate Podcast Launch Course

From September 28, 2022 6:30 pm
To September 28, 2022 7:30 pm
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