Human Design 101

In this workshop, we’ll cover a short introduction into the basics of Human Design and the 5 types. We will deep dive into ‘Definition’ and the energy centers within your chart to help you make sense of what it means to be defined vs. undefined, so you leave more empowered and aware of how to protect and use your energy. We’ll then cover Human Design Profile and learn the different ways to use your profile archetypes to your advantage.There will be time for a Q & A to follow and the workshop will conclude with a short meditation to honour your energy centers.
It will be helpful to pull your chart before coming to the workshop: To find out your Human Design Chart go to
All participants will receive a free E-Book following the workshop and the discount code KELP to receive 20% off a reading if they are interested to learn more.
– Maximum 10 Attendees

Bio:Molly is a Human Design Reader from Toronto, Canada. A former professional athlete Molly struggled with an eating disorder and turned to wellness, yoga, and energy work while on her journey through recovery. Human Design was an impactful modality she came across and she’s now sharing this tool with others to help empower them and deepen their connection to the body. Molly is also a Yoga Teacher and Self-Published Author.

From November 24, 2021 6:00 pm
To November 24, 2021 7:30 pm
Price €10