Fermentation Workshop: Make your own Kombucha + Fermented Veggies!

Come join Andy at Kelp for a hands-on workshop to immerse yourself in the world of Fermentation. If you have been wanting to start your own Kombucha or ferment your own vegetables for fun and health but may be blocked with the how to’s or having the right things. This is your chance to have everything laid on the table for you so that you can learn and go away with your own kombucha that will keep giving to you and the knowledge to ferment any veggie you want!

Food and beverage fermentation are ancient rituals that humans have been performing for centuries in many cultures to preserve food without refrigeration, and the skills and cultures were traditionally passed from one generation to the next one.

Not only is it a way to preserve and transform food and experiment with flavours, it is about improving your health and immune system by maintaining a balanced microbiota in our bellies!

By reconnecting, reviving and recognising the place of fermenting in our lives, we regain appreciation for our food and our bodies, we strengthen our communities and honour mother Earth.

These amazing live foods are:

~ more digestible than raw, since nutrients increase their bioavailability and are easier to absorb

~ packed with beneficial probiotics that will boost your immune system

~ helpful to reduce inflammation and other imbalances

~ freaking delicious!

And it doesn’t stop there 😉   By fermenting local produce we have a more positive impact on the environment by

~ eliminating food miles

~ reducing plastic packaging

~ minimising nutrient degradation with food storage by working with the local beneficial bacteria that are naturally present in the soil we walk on and grow our food in 🙂

During the workshop, we will discuss more in depth about the health benefits of fermented food and beverages, provide you with guidelines and ingredients to make yours in-situ (hands-on!) and therefore learning by doing.

You’ll be leaving feeling empowered with the knowledge and skills to continue fermenting at home, and with a strong community to support you on the way. 

This is the workshop for you if:

~ you were always curious to make ferments but felt scared to do so

~ you want to boost your immune system in a harmonious way

~ you want to reconnect with food and experience the joy of co-creating with nature

~ and ultimately, you want to have fun and build a community of fellow fermenters!

We will be preparing, making and tasting Kombucha and Fermented Carrots, so you will need to bring:

~ chopping board

~ a good knife to cut veggies

~ willingness to learn and have fun! We take care of the rest 😉

If you haven’t tried fermenting your veggies before, give it a go. It’s easier than you think and your belly will thank you!

For Questions: Andy +61 433 549 425 (Whatsapp) 

About Andy

After working in the corporate world as a chemical engineer for several years, she decided it was time to reconnect with her soul and started a wonderful journey of exploration that continues up to this day

Living and travelling in her van across Australia led her to work in a permaculture farm, where she discovered the wonders of fermenting local grown produce and making kombucha. This ritual and tradition allowed her to deepen the connection with mother Earth and honour the cycles of nature and be thankful for the food with which we nourish our bodies. 

Back in Europe, and after a year of living and fermenting on the road, she decided it was time to ground and recalibrate. She felt compelled to promote and share this beautiful art to empower people to “reclaim fermentation in their lives” by moving towards a more harmonious way of life and greater resilience.

Passionate about spreading knowledge like spores in nature, she teaches Yoga in Ericeira, as well as languages and mathematics.

From July 2, 2022 11:00 am
To July 2, 2022 1:00 pm
Price 35
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